Thursday, November 09, 2006

Donkey Island, Spokane River... closed for the season. Remember the island where Pinocchio was sent with all the bad boys and they were turned into donkeys and then shipped off to the salt mines, well, this is a different Donkey Island. The one you've never heard of and it's right on the Centennial Trail. It's a very cool place, but the lagoons (it's not really an island most of the year) contain PCBs, so don't eat the sediments. In a month or two, it will all be cleaned and then, you can eat all the sediments you please.

Monday, November 06, 2006


The first guy to climb the Matterhorn in oxfords…just kidding, and I didn’t dare call him Gramps, he was the Grandfather. Kind of old school, one might say, he was of the ‘children are best seen and not heard’ crowd. From my vantage point now, can’t say that I disagree. He retired at 40, so he could ‘travel’. How, you may ask, does one do that? Since I not only missed that boat, but didn’t even know the boat had docked--can’t really say.

So, he was mostly gone, usually with ‘Gram’ (she was much more user friendly; a lovely and amazing woman). When I would go with my parents on one of our infrequent trips out of the county or to New York, they would meet us for a few days, which I always thought was very cool and a good way to spend time with Gramps. I could never quite figure out the ‘what are they doing in, say, Montreal the very week that we’re there?’ thing. Seemed like magic at the time--Gramps, you were one of a kind, at least in my book, and the walk up that mountain must have been killer.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

West Riverside

Call me trashy and reactionary-there is no sight as majestic in this town...

Senmut? Helloooo...and I'm told that I'm odd?

A modified Corinthian with an Indian head...what will they think of next?

...and of course, the lion motif-ever popular and it always works.

Thank you Mary, for such a pleasant street.

First Friday

Kolva-Sullivan Gallery/Trackside Studio, W. Adams St.

The lovely and elusive Miss Kerry.

Every first Friday of the month, all the galleries in downtown Spokane are open and the artists are typically available for discussion. Most of the time, it's hard to get to know such people, but on a day like this, it's all out there-really, really fun. Shown is a pic of the Kolva-Sullivan Gallery/Trackside Studio on South Adams. Being a shameless consumer (something I apparently choose to pass on to my children), I had Kerry pick out a piece of pottery. The child has good taste! The piece was exquisite but had unfortunately been previously purchased. As I stood around the gallery, I noticed others eyeing the same piece. Anyway, she choose something else and now, she has become an ART COLLECTOR. The tradition of pretentious consumerism is passed along-it’s all good.

Friday, November 03, 2006


Funny-all these posts about water lately, must be some kind of Jungian thing. Anyway, since so many posts refer to water/Newman, here you have it.