Thursday, May 31, 2007

A Quote

I borrowed this from The Naked Soul (great blog, check it out) as it just kind of fit how I felt today-so here you go:

People are like stained-glass windows. They sparkle and shine when the sun is out, but when the darkness sets in, their true beauty is revealed only if there is a light from within.”

Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

Do Si Do

Here is a photo of Gram (Caryl Byrne) and one of her good friends ‘Red’ doing what they did best. The local paper reprints old photos from their archive and this one happened to show up. I requested any other photos of my grandmother and father the paper may have and they found about 20; but they wanted $50 a pop for each photo-ouch! Anyway, I knew Red pretty well from my time living with gram as he would often visit with his partner ‘Frenchy’ and I though them both very distinguished, if a bit odd, gentlemen.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The Gav...

...does it again. So there I am at Huckleberry’s waiting for one of my best friends to show so we can have a talk and a ‘juice of the day’ (yea…we are really tough guys, so watch out) and he rolls up on this monstrous thing. Hello! it just a reaction to the mid-life crisis or a very shrewd move; only time will tell and I’m betting on the latter.

The Fish

My daughter gave me the fish and water plant for Christmas since she thought I should have 'something alive’ in my place. So OK, now I have a lovely fish that I dote on…really! Even though being confined to a vase seems cruel and unusual, the fish appears to be thriving. A friend who is also a vet told me that the fish would live two years at most and my thought was ‘it’s a miracle this thing is alive at all’ as I keep things a bit cool during the winter. Did I name my pet? Of course, its name is ‘The Fish’.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Tortillaphilia-what will he think of next? Remi’s latest blog is all about the tortilla…in Spokane! Being an unrepentant tortillaphiliac myself, a site like this is manna from heaven. I grew up in Cali, so of course I have an excuse for being a tortilla junkie. Remi is from Norway and has no similar excuse; he is simply a genuine cosmopolite and absolutely correct about De Leon Foods-the revolution begins there.

Only in the USA

Where else do we obsessively stay the course…thumb our collective noses at global warming, etc?

Where else in the world can one see a fridge, in the middle of summer (almost), on a street corner, dispensing ‘the official soft drink of NASCAR’...nice touch, eh?

The hidden hand, the 'genius' of the marketplace at work I suppose, don’t really get it….but, hey…it’s been fun...

The KYRS Outhouse and Receiving Station

The juxtaposition of KYRS and an outhouse is in no way meant to demean a very fine community radio station. It’s just that I will do anything to receive the signal during weekends in the country. Note the antenna attached to the outhouse; in order to receive the weak 50 watt KYRS signal at Newman Lake in hi-fi, drastic measures must be taken...finally...the outhouse is good for something.

See the original post about KYRS for more info.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

The Fast Runner... the first and only film made in the Inuit language. Using an old Inuit folk tale as the basis for the plot, it is a stunning, almost surreal, and superbly crafted film about the lives and ancient culture of these incredible people. Popular culture has silly notions about the Eskimos and their existence on the ice and snow, but to see the reality is a shocker...I mean, where is the nearest Safeway? At times I have this conceit that my life is tough-what a joke…it’s just a game I play. The Inuit hardly seem miserable, quite the opposite, but they do lead very strenuous and difficult lives. Me--I go to the grocer and can’t decide what fruit or veggie to eat that day--the Inuit eat raw meat, when they’re lucky.

Imagine a life living in a house made of ice…impossible (for me at least)…watch this great film and see for the first time what it’s really like.