Thursday, January 31, 2008

A walk in the desert

Back to southern Arizona for an enviromental conference during the week, a nice change from the 3-4' of snowfall in Spokane. This years environmental buzz word is additionality-you heard it here first (all two of you). Anyway, got a chance to take a walk in the desert-here are a few pics.

Cactus, cacti?

A copper based mineral-I forgot the name.

A skookum view from a nice hotel. Typically though, all the food groups available here start with beef. I met some helpful Indian guys who provided tips on how to navigate an overly carnivorous world. My conceit it that I'm reducing my carbon footprint by eating in a third-worldish fashion...uh yea and okie dokie.

World's largest asparagus shoot or a flowering spike from an agave (the tequila plant)? The agave waits for the right time to create this lone 20' spike, produces fruit, and then dies.

Friday, January 25, 2008

C’est formidable!

One of the latest in a series by Tom the Artist. He's working on some new stuff for a showing at the Cafe Artisan in Tekoa WA (Tekoa?) in mid February. Seems like he must have read 'Moby Dick' or something recently since the whale motif is prevalent.

When I walk through what passes for a gallery in downtown Spokane, most of the items on display are merely decorative, mostly crap, and overpriced. Compared to that dreck, Tom prices his work very reasonably (too reasonably if you ask me). I'm not much of a critic, but spend time in every gallery I happen upon and so have some feel for the whole affair. My gut reaction-his stuff is quite good. So, if you want some original art, come to Tekoa around the 15th and check it out.