Friday, April 21, 2006


Me on a bad day (or good depending on your perspective). No, just probably the best vampire move ever, especially if you're only considering movies made in 1922. Check it out for yourself. Run to your local video place and demand they hand over their copy. You'll be glad-trust me.


Scott Lahti said...

"Great minds think alike - and so do we," as my best friend and I often say: first MANAS and now Murnau. Allow me to suggest in the strongest terms possible, your making every effort to acquire his FAUST from 1926, which I had the good fortune to mail-order from Barnes and Noble a dozen or so years ago for about five dollars...the same urgency applies of course to SUNRISE from a year later, the greatest silent film of all in the opinion of many...ten films over the nine years after NOSFERATU then, as the IMDb tells it -

"Murnau did not live to see the premiere of his last film; he died in an automobile accident in Santa Barbara, California on March 11, 1931. The car was driven by Murnau's fourteen-year old Filipino valet Garcia Stevenson. Murnau was entombed in Berlin. Robert Flaherty, Emil Jannings and Greta Garbo attended the funeral, and Fritz Lang delivered the funeral speech."

Also -

"A very tall man and, although perhaps a slight exaggeration, he was said to be nearly 7 feet tall.

Was voted the 33rd Greatest Director of all time by Entertainment Weekly."

Kevin said...


Thanks for the tip. I love the Faust story and I'm sure the Murnau version is well worth watching. It's hard to find, even harder to find is Sunrise. I'll be on the lookout. What struck me about Nosferatu, even with all the funky sepia or pink toned scenes was how entertaining it was. It's a film that almost anyone could enjoy.

Scott Lahti said...

TCM just ran SUNRISE Sunday at midnight Eastern. I see it now for sale most cheaply at eBay and eBay stores from a dozen or so sellers offering the all-regions Korean and Chinese DVD (which includes English titles) for about eight to twelve dollars, shipping included. In America, though, outside the four-picture package deal Fox offers it in at about thirty dollars, Amazon says a separate DVD is yet to be released or announced. I may spring for an Asian copy in the meantime, if only so that my friend can see it.

Kevin said...

Funny that Sunrise isn't available in an English language version. But, since it is silent, perhaps the Korean version will do. I recently found FAUST at the local college and then, like a fool, failed to watch it before it had to go back. I plan to snag it again soon and maybe write about it.

Thanks for the tips.