Sunday, June 10, 2007

The vase

Another creation by Chris Kelsey; I particularly like the way he uses bone ash as the outer layer of glaze to achieve the wrinkly effect. It reminds of something really ancient; something you might find during an archeological dig. Pieces of this type always sell quickly so I asked if he could make more just like it. He informed me that the effect is not exactly reproducible and comes out differently each time, often disastrously, part of the charm I guess. Anyway, one day a friend and I were looking at a similar piece and she asked “what do you put in it…flowers?” He gave us this contemptuous look that read something like ‘you soulless philistines, how dare you presume to debase this work of art…’ but after a pause finally said “it’s fine the way it is, nothing goes in it”. Oops--and that settled that.

I had never cared much for pottery, always thought it kind of a lesser art. A while back I started frequenting the Trackside Studio where Mark Moore and Chris Kelsey create and display. Now…well…as you can see from the photo…pottery is way cool.


HollyGL said...

Very cool. I like that each one is different.

The Real Mother Hen said...

Wow I never like pottery, but this picture is like a real beauty quietly staring back at me. Now I'm speechless!

kevin said...

Ceramic arts just sort of creep up on one. I'm lucky in that I live about 2 blocks from the Trackside Studio and pop in now and again. I don't think I would have appreciated what I was seeing w/o some guidance from Mark and Chris. Check out their website to see more.