Monday, August 27, 2007

The cabins

Trillium-I had the cabins painted to blend in to the surrounding forest-I guess it worked-it's one of my favourite places.

On the fridge in Trillium-apparently one of my kids has a sense of humor.

R.I.P: The original Das Boot.

If you look carefully in the foreground, you can see a rowboat-cum-flower pot. I‘m grateful it’s nowhere near the water. As you can see from the above and Das Boot II, we don't exactly break the bank when it comes to boating.

I remember being 4 years old or so, out on the water, while the ‘bailer’ was fast at work. Yes, this rowboat constantly leaked, a situation I couldn’t fathom. 'They' got me out on this thing at least once and I was duly terrified, as the survival instinct kicks in even at 4. All I could see was the boat sinking in front of my eyes, and the shoreline much too far away. This boat is where it belongs.

The other cabin-Honeysuckle. I prefer to keep things natural. Some of the trees are over 100 years old, so who I am to mess with that. I don't care for this 'defensible space' crap I see all around me. If the forest is so frightening that one is compelled to destroy it then perhaps a gated community in the surburbs is more appropriate. I'm not exactly a tree hugger; I like the term forest fascist.


HollyGL said...

"Forest facist"... Yes, it has a nice ring to it! I love your cabins, Kevin. So serene a setting. I feel more relaxed having seen the pics!! :)

CS said...

Beautiful cabins in the woods. There is nothing like being surrounded by nature. And I like the rowboat planterbox.

kevin said...

hollygl: is (usually) serene there. Wanting to save the forest is a good target for my latent fascistic tendencies.

cs: it’s a good place to go and just get away, especially in the off-season when not many people are around. Hmmm...I really need to try something more creative with that planterbox.