Friday, October 19, 2007


A few years back we were supposed to go to Istanbul, but two weeks before departure a couple of British banks in Istanbul were bombed, prompting the State Dept. to issue travel warnings for Turkey. I thought that perhaps the war in Iraq was expanding and so didn’t dare take my, at the time, minor children and ended up on a European vacation instead. One of the places we dropped in to was Zell Germany, on the Mosel River-a great place and area that I would return to in a second.

Zell: Brendan is next to our car, a Skoda that we scratched up when I drove through the very narrow streets of a medieval town (Brodenbach) when I shouldn’t have-next time I'll learn how to read the traffic signs.

Cochem, down the road from Zell: There was a flea market and meeting hall here and the people were super friendly. The meeting hall was serving gluwein (a kind of mulled wine), cause that’s all they really have around here (wine that is). There was so much wine bottles were stacked on pallets along the highway. Notice the onion shaped dome on top of the church-kind of like Russian churches.

Zell: The little old pensioner driving this tiny car came into the restaurant where we were eating, had a beer and left. We then saw the car later on that night at the local winestube, the place was rocking and I thought it the place to be, but the daughter vetoed the idea, so we didn’t go in.


Anonymous said...

Hi Kevin!

I tried to post to you a while back but didn't see it, so I obviously did something wrong!

I do not have my own blog (yet), but enjoy "surfing" and wound up here somehow. Just wanted to let you know I enjoy your posts about travel, art, and kids! I also "took" an inspirational quote from your blog a few weeks ago, something I have started with a plan to someday decorate a wall in my house with meaningful quotes.

Maybe for now I will just start a blog and put my collection up there so that others can find inspiration in them like I do. Thanks!


kevin said...

Hello susank:

Thanks so much for dropping by. I’m flattered you enjoy my random musings.

Blogs are really easy to do and a good way to have a journal of sorts.

If you start you own blog, send me the address so I can visit you too.