Thursday, August 28, 2008

Floors and Ceiling (and Walls) of LA

As I was walking about the public buildings of LA with Paulette last May, my first thought was to take photos of the fabulous floors and celings and then create a coffe table materpeice showing off these same floors and ceilings. In the meantime, life intervened and I ended up spending a lot of time fixing a water pump and all I have left are the photos.
LA Public Library
Griffin Observatory Rotunda
Union Station, Lobby
The Bonaventure, Lobby Ceiling

LA Public Library, Childrens Reading Room Ceiling

LA Public Library, Teen Reading Room

LA Public Library, Lobby

Union Station, Lobby Ceiling


Anonymous said...

You have an artist's eye, Kevin. I really like your use of perspective. These photos are sort of derivatives, if you know what I mean. They are new art from old art. I see the architects' works in a new light. Neo-photography.

kevin said...

Dear anonymous,

I would like to hire you as my personal sycophant. Terms are negotiable, but I’m sure you’ll be pleased with the compensation, on at least an occasional basis.

Sincerely, Kelv

Anonymous said...

Those are really beautiful. But you know, the kind of beauty in buildings that really calls to me is the sort in that cabin photo below.

kevin said...


As noted, the photo was taken by Tom the Artist. Where I see a rickety floor, peeling paint, and plenty of work, he sees and captures beauty from the commonplace.

Epiphany said...

Your personal syncophant! I love it! :D

I agree with anonymous, though. The beauty made more moving, riveting even, as seen through your eyes.

So happy to be here again!

Paulette said...

I agree with anonymous as well.

Derik said...

I was initially turned to this blog for the Shakespeare reference--and an excellent reference it is! There is so much lost in communication, we should be so vigilant as to seek out its sources and blog our way to success.

Paulette said...

Dude, those photos are SO last May! If you're going to be an Internet Blogging Sensation, you gotta keep up with the postings.