Friday, February 16, 2007

LA Story

Nobody (guys that is) likes a chick-flick, since most are mediocre and not really worth watching. I’m no exception. To be fair, most movies are mediocre, just ‘product’ and not film. But, every so often, a romance comes along that hits the mark, and when it’s good, it’s the best! LA Story is one such film. Up there with the likes of ‘A Room With a View’, ‘Moonstruck’, and the BBC version of ‘Pride and Prejudice’, it is one great movie.


Mark said...

I agree, I am a long time fan of this movie! One of the few that I actually bought! You have great taste!

kevin said...

MarK: Thank you for the comment.

"Wonderful, wonderful, and yet again wonderful." I love this movie! It’s not only a great romance but full of sly and not so sly cultural references, roller skating in the great LACMA, and is a testament to the creative talent of Steve Martin (writer, male lead).